you don't have time for this

the math & your time

Most people spend an average of 35+ hours per Winter shoveling their driveway in the nasty cold.

Just think about those few really nasty municipal piles or icebergs !

Save time and your back … let us help !


Affordable  –  Reliable  –  Professional snow removal

Why so cheap?

Don’t let the price confuse you … it’s all a part of our business plan and future growth! By making our service affordable, we are uniquely different then all the competition, who have been charging 425 to 750 per season, yikes!

We hope to get as many houses on board as possible, in the same areas, so that we can spend less time travelling from driveway to driveway. It’s all about being efficient with time. We have the best new Ag tractors / equipment and fantastic operators to help get the job done. The “snow biz” is a full time, professional effort for us with all the planning involved.

Entire Season coverage

We provide coverage all winter long from November 1st to the last 2” snowfall, whenever that may be.
Last year May 9th !!

The Contractor is not liable for slippery conditions or any personal accidents that may occur due to snow, ice, or melt and re-freeze.

$329 - $389

Midhurst PRICING

Midhurst, Springwater and Barrie North



Rural Areas PRICING

Snow Valley & Gill Rd


Pre-quoted Price

Pre-quoted PRICING

Pay Your Quoted Prices

blue new holland tractor - Driveway Snow Team - Midhurst Ontario



What’s So Cool About Our Agricultural Tractors?

  • Each AG Tractor is fully equipped with full feature iPad integrated into our various communication system & SIRI onboard route guidance.
  • Our GPS tracking system allows us to see how our drivers are progressing through their route and to make sure no driveways are missed
  • Blowers, not plows, means that we don’t leave behind any piles – we have flexibility in terms of the placement of snow.
  • We have plastic TIVAR© edges on the blowers to be gentle on your drive and eliminate the possibility of scrapes

Please call or sign up before it’s too late!

2020/21 season is booking up quickly.